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Face Your Fears!

The Centre of Hypnosis in partnership with Change 4 Work is delighted to present you with the Positive Steps to Face Your Fears Workshop. Susan Banks and John Clifford from the Friendly Spider Programme at London Zoo have put together a unique workshop.

Thinking about self employment, or other big decisions to do with your business or personal life, can make even the most robust person fearful. Participants at the workshop will gain an understanding of why and how fear manifests itself when we face change or are under stress. You will learn how fear works and why we react as we do and the links between human and animal behaviour.

Susan and John will provide an unique optional opportunity to meet Emmeline ( a Chile Rose Tarantula) and Wellington ( a Royal Python).

So book your place today and find out how to understand the negative effects of fear and how to turn it to your advantage.

To book a place please call John on: 07939 743844

or email: [email protected]

or visit:

Covid - 19 Notice

In line with the governments advice and guidelines we have suspended all group contact and are moving our training to online platforms.