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Quit Smoking Service

 Want to stop smoking?

Your be glad you did and when you have your wonder why you didn't stop sooner.

By quitting smoking you are taking an important step towards improving your health, cutting the risk of developing heart disease, some cancers and damaging your eyesight.

You will also be improving your finances. Think of the money you will save because your not spending it on cigarettes.

We often get asked at the CCH is it hard to give up smoking? The answer regrettably is yes. But the good news is that it isn't impossible by any means. The reason it is so hard is due to the nicotine, the chemical found in tobacco is a highly addictive drug. It stimulates the pleasure centre in the brain. The more you smoke, the less you want to give up the habit, even though you know it is bad for you.

The other question we often get asked is How can I give up smoking? You can go 'cold turkey'. You can achieve this by relying on your willpower. Whilst not impossible to do it isn't easy. But don't worry there is another way.

At the CCH we have developed a three pronged approach to giving up smoking.

There are 3 critical factors involved in smoking. These are:-

1) Chemical dependency caused by the nicotine.

2) The emotional/ psychological need to smoke.

3) The financial cost of the smoking habit.

For the chemical dependency we opt for a range of nicotine replacement products to help wean you off the chemical dependency. This is available through the NHS or you can purchase the products though us.

To help with the emotional and psychological need to smoke we recommend hypnotherapy.

Regarding the financial cost we help you set goals on spending or investing the money you will save from not smoking on something you would like to spend it on.