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Friendly Spider Programme

'I have just attended this programme today and wanted to let the organisers know how amazing the whole experience was. I was quite sceptical before the session started but can honestly say I have come out feeling a weight lifted and able to be in the company of spiders! The team were great... Professional , friendly, fun. I am sure you hear this time and again. I will be recommending this to all my arachnophobic friends.'Helen

I arrived as someone who would shriek and run if a house spider came anywhere near me and left having picked one up and let it run over my hands. I was determined to succeed and this was my biggest challenge, harder actually than holding the tarantula (bird eating spider, if I remember correctly!). Thank goodness I have the video footage as proof! Kate

I came to the session on the 28th May and came across my first big house spider since the session yesterday. Managed to cup and card him outside and that was it! My boyfriend couldn't believe it! My anxiety has reduced massively and I don't wander around the house worrying about webs or where the next spider will be. I don't mind the little ones just in the house and am just ignoring ones I see on the car, front gate, outside recycling bins etc, thanks so much and I can't believe it! My whole life has changed! Tara

Fear of Heights Programme

I loved it! It was great. Really good course. I thought the pace and the format was just perfect. And the results spoke for themselves! I think we were all astounded with what we were able to do. It was a great atmosphere, very positive and supportive and (above all) enabling. I have to say I was aghast when I found myself standing on top of the platform- I had frozen whilst clinging for dear life onto the post and something from the course just kicked in and without realising it I was standing on the thing staring at the trapeze bar. Something just clicked! I think we all had that

"eureka" moment. Ben

As far as I am concerned the seminar has been a complete success...On Sunday, following a suggestion from his girlfriend, I went with my son, to the Emirate Thames cable car from the Greenwich Peninsula and I had barely a little twinge in my legs as we soared high above the river. Luc

Individual Clients

The level of service at The Centre of Clinical Hypnosis and Counselling is fantastic. Having been a customer for many years, I am consistently impressed by the professionalism of every staff member I have come in contact with. Thank you!”


“In this day and age, it’s hard to find a company you can trust. The Centre of Clinical Hypnosis and Counselling was recommended to me by a friend, and now I know why – the quality of service I received was outstanding. Keep up the good work!